Honeyminer Redefines Security in Cryptocurrency Mining

  1. We have expert in-house programmers that compile all Honeyminer programs after thorough code reviews. There are no viruses, no trojans, no botnets, no kill-switches, and no malicious code whatsoever. We worry constantly about this stuff, so that you don’t have to.
  2. We trust Honeyminer enough to run on our home computers and on our work computers. We want you to have this same peace of mind, so that you can run Honeyminer anywhere, even alongside your valuable personal data and important documents. But, please get permission to run it at work - or at least cut your boss in on some of your earnings!
  3. All Honeyminer programs are code signed with a hardware key from DigiCert, only issued to verifiable and accountable software development institutions.
  4. All communication between your computer and the Blockchain is first encrypted and then passed through Honeyminer’s encrypted servers so that your location is never revealed and your computer’s power is anonymously contributed.
  5. We strive for complete transparency in every aspect of Honeyminer. We will never take shortcuts with your computer’s security. Our goal has always been to create a fun and safe way to mine cryptocurrencies, something that just wasn’t possible before Honeyminer.