Honeyminer Max

by Honeyminer Labs

[Update: Honeyminer Max will be temporarily taken offline on Wednesday April 3rd at 5pm EST for system upgrades.]

Honeyminer Max offers Linux-based miners access to our network's private demand resulting in the highest payouts you can find anywhere. Pays out every 2 hours in BTC. No account required and 0% fee.

Currently supports Linux Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7.
Requires 6GB or greater high end video cards from NVIDIA & AMD.
Not using these supported distros? Try our Self Install!

How to install Honeyminer Max:

bash <(curl -s

Simply paste this in your Terminal prompt to get started.

How does it work?

Follow these simple steps and everything will go smoothly.


Run the install command and it will prompt you for a custom install location and your BTC address.

1. Puts your BTC address in wallet.txt.
2. Downloads compatible CLI app
3. Extracts & Runs it

What it does

Pings HM Labs api for app updates, new miners, and new mining instructions. Then downloads, launches, and monitors those mining processes.

1. Asks HM Labs for work
2. Downloads new miners if needed
3. Mines that work
4. Loop

Track earnings

You can track your earnings with our JSON API that is updated every 1 minute with your current earnings in Bitcoin.

API endpoint:[BTC-ADDRESS]

JSON response:

  "currency": "BTC",
  "unsold": 0.00000000, // Unused
  "balance": 0.00000000, // On HM Labs
  "unpaid": 0.00050362, // Pending payout
  "paid24h": 0.00000000, // Paid in last 24 hours
  "total": 0.00050362 // Total mined ever

Track Workers

You can track your workers with our JSON API that is updated every 1 minute with your worker stats.

API endpoint:[BTC-ADDRESS]

JSON response:

	"currency": "BTC",
	"unsold": 0.00000000, // Unused
	"balance": 0.00000000, // On HM Labs
	"unpaid": 0.00050362, // Pending payout
	"paid24h": 0.00000000, // Paid in last 24 hours
	"total": 0.00050362, // Total mined ever
		"version": "hmlabs/1.0",
		"password": "",
		"ID": "",
		"algo": "", // Unused
		"difficulty": 0, // Unused
		"subscribe": 0, // Unused
		"accepted": 0,
		"rejected": 0

Getting paid

Every 2 hours your pending BTC, if above 0.0005 BTC, is transferred to your provided address.

The btc address that you entered into your wallet.txt is what gets paid -- this is setup during the install but feel free to change it after.

Self Install

For those not currently running the supported linux distributions of Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7, you can setup Honeyminer Max manually with these steps.

tar -xzf hmlabs-latest.tar.gz
cd hmlabs/
echo YOUR-BTC-ADDRESS > wallet.txt

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We've got the answers to all the questions.

Who can use Honeyminer Max?

Anyone with powerful Linux-based systems - Honeyminer Max is built for the needs of intermediate and professional mine operators. It works just like other systems you've used and expect. With limited overhead, it queries the Honeyminer Labs system for highest value work and keeps you on our profitable jobs in our network. You'll need to 1) integrate into your existing mining setup or 2) replace yours outright with this single application.

How can I turn this off?

The Honeyminer Max application is on-demand. Run it whenever you want! Stop it whenever you want. You can add it to your existing mining operator software and turn it on whenever you want also.

Does it turn off when returns are not "above market"?

By default, no. If interested, you can pass the "--profit 1" flag and it will not mine (will not use your GPUs) when it is not returning above market profitability. It will emit a 0 as the contents of the "online.txt" file in its home directory when its not mining (if you want to hook in some scripting).

Why does Honeyminer Max have a 0% fee?

The mining jobs you access are proprietary demand for compute on the Honeyminer network. This might change in the future, but we’re up front about these things and will be updated here accordingly.

How is this different from Honeyminer?

This is the sweet stuff in R&D, not yet ready for the main network. Think of this as the "racing edition" of Honeyminer. (But, in short, we just have a ton more work to make it run super sweet on desktops.)

How do I know that I am receiving the highest returns possible?

Our demand is based on prevailing market prices. So if you aren't receiving more than you could elsewhere (actively traded coins) do let us know.

I'm having trouble - where can I get some help?

Fill out this quick form here and someone from our team will be in touch asap. This goes directly to our support team and gives them in the information you'd provide in a few back-and-forths so is the fastest way to get you help: