Hotel Honey™

Access on-demand GPUs
to mine cryptocurrency and more

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Unlock more cryptocurrency earnings now

Honeyminer is proud to offer hashrate for immediate purchase. Take your mining into high gear without needing to purchase and maintain new equipment. Our GPU pool is ready to mine, just choose your desired hashrate and length of time and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Guaranteed ready to mine
  • Proudly 100% based in the USA
  • Safe and secure

Interested in using Hotel Honey for AI/ML, custom workloads, and Docker instances? Please contact us to get started.

“Honeyminer is bringing bitcoin to the masses”
“This type of service offers new opportunities for people who want to acquire bitcoin...”
“Cryptocurrency miners unwilling to shell out thousands for a specialized rig might just be in luck.”
“Honeyminer is probably the fastest and easiest way to start mining cryptocurrencies with your home computer”

GPUs at scale.

At the click of a button.

We've opened access to our network of US-based mines to provide quality hash rate and GPU time at reasonable prices. Whether long or short term, small or at scale, we've got the solution for you.

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No cables, no wires, no configuration. Just a few clicks and watch your balance increase daily.

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Mine Bitcoin or Ethereum. All you need is an Ethereum wallet or a Honeyminer account.

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Mining starts immediately. First crediting within 24 hours.

See what all the buzz is about

Mining is becoming accessible to everyone and our community continues to grow


How it Works?

We've opened access to our network of US-based mines to provide quality hash rate and GPU time at reasonable prices.

When you purchase your GPUs, you can choose to either

  1. direct their hash rate directly into an Ethereum account of your choice or

  2. mine Bitcoin directly into your Honeyminer account

(Don't have a Honeyminer account yet? You can either download the app and create an account or signup directly here.)

Right now, we support Eth Hash for Ethereum mining — we believe the most profitable / scalable place to get started. (Want to mine on something more exotic or Bitcoin hash rate directly? Let us know.)

Who is Honeyminer?

We've been working hard for almost 2 years to build the best software to manage crypto mines. Along the way, we now help folks mine in 167 countries around the world - and have built one of the largest communities of miners (new and veteran alike!)

We've been covered in Cheddar, Yahoo Finance, Coindesk, The Block, Bitcoinist, and close to a dozen other publications covering the crypto space. You can learn about our team here. (And we're hiring!)

What benefits do Hotel Honey GPUs provide?

Flexibility, ease, and price. With Hotel Honey, you never have to worry about cost of electricity, maintenance, where to store a bunch of hot, loud equipment, etc. The #1 thing people asked for when using the Honeyminer software to optimize their mine was how they could scale their operation quickly and easily - and that's why we built Hotel Honey.

There are no hidden fees

We don't charge any of the hidden fees or "maintenance" fees like the other guys. What you see is the cost.

How does Hotel Honey offer so much hashrate at such low prices?

Since the operators of Hotel Honey hash rate operate at industrial scale, they have different problems than individuals running a mine. By renting their equipment to the Hotel, they get certainty on a % of their operations. So when crypto prices go up, they lose on upside - but they can pay rent/electricity in the case of prices dropping a lot too.

How do I estimate how much cryptocurrency my hashrate (MH/s) will generate?

We recommend a site called - their data is far from perfect, but it's pretty good for estimations. You can see how much Ethash different GPU types generate, and adjust electricity cost for your area to compare to buying and operating equipment.

How do you ensure consistent Hashrate delivery for each order?

We have enough supply across many different facilities that we are committed to smooth delivery across your entire order. Outages happen, but we have extra hash rate to make up if one facility goes down. Ever have a problem with your order? Just get in touch [email protected] and we'll do what we can.

Why do you call it Hotel Honey™?

Originally we thought about offering a service where folks could mail in their GPUs and have them hosted with us and automatically appear in your Honeyminer dashboard - a GPU Hotel. But we decided 1) this was a logistically easier way to start and 2) we really wanted to see Diggy the Bear at the checkin station. (Coming in future editions, Diggy the Porter.)